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It is amazing to me that i was walking around yesterday with a huge chance of becoming paralyzed and 24 hours later I am recovering at home from neck and spinal cord surgery.
The entire surgery from prepping me in the or until i was wheeled into recovery was four hours. The NS was so "impressed" of how large the herniation was. He and his assistant were quite excited to do this surgery. they said my disc was shattered and pieces where everywhere. Great news is that once all the pieces were removed my spinal cord went back to the correct placement and shape.
I did have a little mishap and ended up spendying the night in the Cardiac unit. I had Left Bundle Branch Block (LBBB).in which my heart rythm went haywire. this all happened as they were putting me to sleep. The anesthegiologist (sp?) was extremely concerened but my NS remembered this had happend to me once before and i would be ok. I was . my heart rythm went back to normal and the surgery went very smooth.
i met with my cardiolist after surgery and they belive I will always have this and there shloud be no concern as my heart function is great. I will follow up with him in a few weeks though.
As far as pain it is tolerable with vicoden. My neck and throat are sore but that is to be a expected I also have shoulder blade pain but that is typical as well. I do not have to wear a brace.

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