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I was in a car accident May 10th 2012 and I've been going to therapy and I had my MRI done and got the results back today. I just want to say Thank you and advance for taking your time and reading my results.

MRI of the Lumbar spine without contrast.

Findings the vertebral body heights and disc heights are maintained. Dis desiccation L4-5 and L5-S1 level are present with anterior extradural defects. Conus is behind L1. Lordosis is maintained. Endplates are within normal limits.

On the axial images L1-2 disc is normal facets are normal in uptake.

L2-3 disc has a left foraminal disc protrusion/herniation; the facets and ligamenta flava are hypertrophied.

At the L3-4 level the disc is normal, facets are mildly prominent.

L4-5 disc as a central disc herniation with central annular tear. Facet and ligamentum flavum hypertrophy are present. Bilateral neural foramina narrowing is seen.

L5-S1 level has a central disc protrusion.

Impression: Left Foraminal disc herniation at L2-3, probably acute since the disc is otherwise unremarkable.

2. Central disc hernaiation at L4-5 with central annular tear, probably acute. There are bilateral narrowing, as well as facet hypertrophy.

3.Central protrusion at L5-S1.

Cervical Spine MRI

On axial images C2-3 disc is unremarkable.

C3-4 disc demonstrates a large right of foraminal disc herniation compressing the right exiting nerve root.

C4-5 dis has a left foraminal bulge.

C5-6 disc is unremarkable.

C6-7 disc is normal.

C7-T1 disc as it right paracentral disc bulge.

Impression: Large right foraminal disc herniation at C3-4 significantly compressing the right exiting the nerve root.

2. Disc bulge at C4-5 on the left.

3. Right paracentral disc bulge at C7-T1

4. Straightening of the normal lordotic curvature of the spine consistent with the muscular spasm and or pain.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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