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Hi Health Boards Community,

I really wish I found this board prior to my lumbar microdisectomy :(

Anyway, my current condition consists of a large broad based disc herniation at C5-6 causing significant cord compression which is associated with flattening of the cord and T2 signal change within the cord. At C6-7 I also have large disc herniation causing effacement of the spinal cord. I have little to no pain from this issue aside from slight numbness in my hands/fingers and slight difficulty with tandem gait.

My Orthopedic Surgeon suggests performing Lamnioplasty C4-C7. Neurosurgeon recommends ACDF at C5-6 & C6-7 w/ allograft bone and titanium plate. NS disagrees w OS in respect to procedure recommended and states ACDF is minimally invasive with a faster recovery time.

Can anyone share why you chose one procedure over the other please? I'm leaning more towards the ACDF w/allograft and titanium plate because of the shorter recovery time, but I'm concerned as other forums have stated fusion is not a good procedure.

Thank you,

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