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Hi all,

Hope sammieismylab, sunshinekitty and hamsta are all doing well and at least feeling some relief now that the surgery is over.

I'm posting tonight with a couple new questions, after having the thoracic 3 level facet block, 36 hours later I was in the hospital with excruiating back pain, my head felt like it was literally going to explode both front and back. I finally had to call 911. My blood pressure was 220/117, it remained this way for over 12 hours with the exception when they gave me very heavy doses of delaudid, the blood pressure would come down for just a short period of time.

They did a lumbar puncture, cat scan, new mri of c-spine and t-spine only to tell me "your neck is an absolute mess". Like I didn't already know that!!! The best they could come up with was the extreme pain I was in was causing the rise in blood pressure and the headache started from the thoracic procedure and was also compounded by the lumbar puncture. I was in hospital for 2 1/2 days, when I left I still had the headache albeit, not as bad but it was still there. On Monday I saw my doctor and this is their regimine for me until surgery unless I want to do surgery on Friday. HMMM

Gabapentin 300 twice per day
Robaxin 500 mg three times per day
MS Contin 30mg 3 times day (ER)
Oxycodone 15mg 4 times day
Clonidine .01 mg 2 times day (blood pressure)

I've never been on morphine before and it seems to be working or maybe it seems that way because I can hardly keep my head up. Smile! My question is, does this seem like an unusual amount of drugs? Has everyone else been on a regimine similar to this prior to surgery?

Once again, I thank everyone for your support and assistance in understanding all of this stuff.


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