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Wow...I am shocked that they are talking about a 3 level fusion...I just looked at the thread that had your MRI results...And yes...even though we are not Drs...we understand a lot from our spine journey and surgeries.

It didn't show any stenosis for any of the levels....and didn't see any cord involvement. What 3 levels are they suggesting?

I have said in my other posts on here that for me, I would never have a fusion done unless it's an emergency and there is actual threat of paralysis. I have had 3 previous fusions on two level and those were all done within two weeks max of getting the MRI.

I have 3 severe herniations right now with two in my lumbar and one in lower cervical/upper thoracic. I am managing with exercise, physical therapy, injections, TENS unit, massage, ice, heat, acupuncture and medications that inclue a muscle relaxer and an opiate.

85% of people with spine issues have the either resolve on their own or with non surgical treatments.

I truly hope that you will be getting 2 or even 3 opinions from Board Certified Neursurgeons who do NOT know one another. Because it isn't an have time to do proper research and meet with other Drs. to really see if this should be done.

I've never heard of someone deciding to do a 3 level fusion as elective surgery....your choice. That means that the Drs. are saying you really don't need it and that also means, even if they don't say anything, that it probably won't take away your pain.

Surgeries are meant to fix mechanical issues of the spine. You can come away with it having a lot less range of motion with all the fused areas, and even more pain caused by scar tissue and nerve issues.

I wish you well either way....I was just a bit taken back with it being your decision to do this based on the MRI...

Keep us posted..

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