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I woke up on Wednesday, July 11, 2012 with neck pain and sever shoulder blade pain. On the day after, I went to Express Care to see what the problem was. The doctor treated me for a sprained shoulder and sent me home with tylenol 3 and Flexeril. That Friday morning, I woke up and the symptoms were worse and I still had sever shoulder blade pain and the right arm pain was getting worse and now, I had a slight tingling in my index finger and thumb. I had an appt. scheduled with my GP. He sent me home with Prednisone (7 day treatment, 60 mg 1st day and decrease each day thereafter). He told me to continue to take the other meds. the Express Care doc. prescribed.

On that Saturday early morning (4am), I was having trouble sleeping. I could not get comfortable and the pain became ever more excruciating. I took myself to the ER at 6 am. The ER, finally, did an XRAY after I kept telling them of the pain I was in. The XRAY results were the following:

There are 7 cervical type vertebrae demonstrated. No fracture or dislocation of bone destruction identified. Retropharyngeal soft tissue planes appear intact. There is some marginal spurring identified at least at C5-6 and C6-7 consistent with an element of degenerative disc disease. Some reversal of the usual cervical curve is identified. If there is persistence of complaint or concern, MR examination can be done.

The CNP in the ER sent me home with Vicodin and told me to promptly follow up with my GP on Monday.

I followed up with a doc. appt. on that Monday and the doc. took me off the Vicodin, put me on Percocet 5/325 (which really don't do much of anything for the pain and I'm taking two now). The doc. ordered and MRI. That Wednesday, I had the MRI done. After the results were sent to my GP's office, (It was discovered that he went on vacation, so another doc. had to take care of it.) they told me to schedule and appt. with a Neurosurgeon. I have an appt. this Wednesday to see what my options will be.

These are the following results from my MRI:

Clinical History:
Worsening cervical radiculopathy sx over the past 7 days with decreased strength and decreased sensation. Plain films show spurring at C5-6.

The cervicomedullary junction appears within normal limits. Vertebral body height, alignment and signal intensity are well maintained.

At C3-4, there is mild disk protrusion with no narrowing of the canal.

At C4-5, there is mild uncovertebral spurring without narrowing of the canal.

At C5-6, mild uncovertebral spurring and diffuse disc bulge cause mild narrowing of the canal and moderate narrowing of the neural foramina bilaterally.

At C6-7, a right paracentral disc protrusion abuts the spinal cord and causes moderate narrowing of the canal and abuts the exiting nerve root on the right. Additionally, there is moderate narrowing of the neural foramina bilaterally.

Degenerative changes in the cervical spine, most pronounced at the C6-7 level, as described above.

Can anyone tell me what they think my option will be? The pain is extremely excruciating and I'm now noticing my legs feeling weak and kinda like rubber when I stand up! The pain is still in my right shoulder blade, right arm numbness all the way to my wrist, which seems to be getting stiff and numbness and tingling in all of my finger and thumb except for the pinky on my right hand. My left arm has some pain (a dull ache in the bicep area), but that's about it for the left arm. I cannot sit for more than a few minutes at a time as it gets quite uncomfortable. I can barely drive as the sitting position hurts and the vibrating of the car hitting the road is bothersome. Sleep? Yeah, right. That is virtually non-existent. My bed has become too painful to sleep in. I found a semi-comfortable position on the couch to prevent me from moving around so much to get comfortable. But, many sleepless nights thus far since this happened almost 2 weeks ago.

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

I'm just curious top see what my options will be.

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