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Obviously none of us are medical professionals and cannot read or interpret an MRI or any other type of report...

With the language that is on there as Webdozer doesn't seem like anything that requires surgery at this time. So all I can say is if it were me...there is no way I would opt for any type of surgery for this.

Just because you are seeing a Neurosurgeon...does not mean he will want to do surgery...and I would run from any Dr. who wanted to without months and months of non surgical treatment and even then...unless they told me I am under direct threat of paralysis....I am not having any more.

Just for some understanding....if you took 100 people off the street right now and gave them a least 75% of them would have things "wrong" with their spine. Degenerative changes just happen to all of us.

The MRI is just a mechanical report but it doesn't explain someone's pain all the time. So, someone with a terrible looking spine on a MRI could have absolutely no pain whatsoever...and then someone like you...can be having a flared nerve root that is causing inflammation and pain.

The next steps are usually cortisone shots/injections into the area of pain. There is traction...there are muscle relaxers (that is your Flexeril..) are you still taking this as needed too?

I just had a huge flare of my lumbar herniations...I accidentally lifted a suitcase the wrong way back on July 3rd and was in excruciating pain. I could barely move at all! The pain was so bad it would bring tears to my eyes. But because I know my body now and my spine with Degenerative Disc Disease and herniations and other issues....I just rested for the last week. I stayed away from walking too much the first few days and then was hobbling around the house with my walker...little by little letting the inflammation go down. So I didn't even call my Dr. as all he would do is tell me the same thing. To rest, take my meds...and start getting mobile again when I could.

Now here we are at the 23rd and I am back to walking my regular 45 minutes each day. The herniations stay there...but only get inflamed and really bad once in awhile. Again..there is no way I will have more surgery unless it's an emergency.

My point in sharing this is that millions of people have issues with their spine and this may be something that happens once in awhile where you back "goes out" and inflames a nerve.

For sleeping...I have a 3 inch tempurpedic mattress topper. I have a tempurpedic head pillow that is contoured. And then I have a long tempurpedic like skinny pillow that goes from my inner thigh to my feet. And then one in between my arms. So this way when I am laying on each side my spine is perfectly aligned...

This is crucial for you when lying in bed. Lying flat on your back will put more pressure on the nerve.

Hopefully your appt. with the Neurosurgeon will go well and he may even prescribe a nerve pain medication to take for a bit. Or as I an injection of cortisone or lidocaine into the area.

I will pray that you are one of the many who this flare will be short lived and you can go back to your regular life again with this only happenng once in awhile.

Hopefully you are healthy otherwise with no smoking (this has been proven now to deteriorate our spine/discs as it's dehydrating) limit alcohol, eat healthy and maintain a healthy weight. The weight part is crucial for our spine. As well as having strong stomach muscles...this supports our back immensley.

And then daily exercise (when you are ok'd by the Dr. to start again). At least 45 minutes or more a day along with some type of stretching/yoga is important to keeping our spine healthy.

Good luck..keep us posted.

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