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Pain and Dispair
Aug 2, 2012
For years I've suffered from neck pain and extreme, constant pain at the base of the skull that began many years ago following a severe blow to the top of my head. Through time and many x-rays, X-Ray technicians have often commented on damage in my cervical spine but as each report was published I was told there was nothing wrong, leaving me to wonder who was telling any truths. About two and a half years ago, I was in a very serious auto accident in which I was extricated from my vehicle by removing the roof of my SUV. Once again this young female X-Ray tech, (God Bless her for her Honesty and fortitude) told me that I had sustained a fracture to C1, a fracture to T3 and T9. as well she told me there was and old Fracture to C1 as well. Her honesty was beyond any I've ever witnessed when she told me to make sure when they gave me the results that if the old fracture wasn't mentioned to send the Dr. back to see her. As before One fracture at T3 wasn't in the report as well as the old Fracture was once again neglected so I did as she told me and sent the Dr. back to see her. After 30 years of being kept off the records it was finally added because of her honesty. Nothing was ever done about the so called minor compression fractures but minor they weren't. After seeing a Neurosurgeon there was also crack in C3 discovered as well. Again, he said he would not do anything at this point in time, even though I suffered numbness and tingling in both arms and hands. After two a and half years of Physio, Chiropractic and Massage Therapy a lot of pain and suffering diminished until one month ago when I was struck from behind by a taxi. My SUV sustained virtually no damage but I was blacked out for only a few seconds (unsure the amount of time). After getting out of my vehicle I almost passed out on the street and an Ambulance was called and I taken to the Hospital with severe numbness and tingling to both arms and hands, dizziness, nausea and pain to complete cervical and Lumbar spine. After X-Rays in Emergency I was told there was nothing wrong once again. I was prescribed physio by my family Dr but nether Physio Therapist, Massage Therapist nor Chiropractic DR. would attempt any treatment until further exploration was done because of my severe symptoms. I'm also suffering severe pain at the base of the cervical spine at the junction where a lump is between the shoulder blades. Even though I offered the MRI Technician cash to go down this far she just ignored my plea for her help. Eight weeks later I have the MRI results. which now follows.
C-3-4 A broad based minor disc bulge is noted posterity. This indents the anterior theca but appears non compressive

C4-5 and C5-6 Facet joint degeneration is noted at these levels right greater than left. No significant disc bulge is demonstrated

C6-7 A broad based disc spur complex is noted Posterity and Posterolaterally to the left. This indents the anterior theca. There is likely impingement upon the exiting left C7 nerve root.

Although I've been on Fentanyl 100mcg/h previous to this and increased to 150 mcg/h after plus 2 percocet every 4 hours as well because of failed Lumbar fusion I still suffer from extreme pain, far worse than I've suffered to date. If anyone could shed any light on what I'm enduring I'd be eternally grateful.


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