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Sorry to hear about your pain issues...

I stopped in my tracks when I read that you are seeing a Chiropractor! Anyone with known disc issues that you have should absolutely NOT be getting any treatments by a Chiro...That is very dangerous and can cause severe damage and possible paralysis. They are not medical Drs. There is no way he is qualified to say whether you need surgery or not so I wouldn't trust that opinon at all.

And even though I would never step foot in their offices....I realize they can be helpful to SOME people but those who do not have any issues with their actual spine!

I can't imagine a Board Certified Neurosurgeon who has looked at your MRI and diagnosed you is ok with you doing this....They should be the one treating you and deciding whether you may need surgery or not.

85% of people with herniated discs or spine issues are treated non surgically so that is good news. The bad part is that when you come online....the other 15% are those that are posting about themselves so it "seems" more dire as you are only going to get mostly bad news when you read about your issues on here or anywhere online.

May I ask what type of medications you are on? Usually those with spine issues have both muscular and nerve pain.

There are great muscle relaxers which are Flexeril, Robaxin and Skelaxin to name a few.

Then nerve pain meds which are Lyrica, Neurontin or Cymbalta.

An opiate like Vicodin or Percocet is only going to dull the pain a bit as it hits receptors in our brain to have us not care as much about pain. But they are not meant for muscle spasms or nerve pain.

So it's usually best to have a comprehensive approach to pain management with those of us with spine issues.

That would be different medication, along with injections, traction, massage, acupuncture, TENS unit, eating healthy and maintaining a healthy weight, not smoking, etc.

Daily exercise as directed by the Neurosurgeon is very important. Along with aqua therapy which can be very helpful as it's non stressful on the spine. And a good physical therapist to help strengthen your muscles, especially the core.

So the key is not relying on just one thing to stop all the pain. You have to look at it as like pieces of the puzzle and everything together will bring it down to a manageable level.

As well as the non medicinal things I mentioned which can help. Sometimes it does take up to a year for one's spine to get better after such an accident.

Surgery should only be after every single possible modality has been used and if there is a direct threat of paralysis and you have gotten opinions from at least 2 different Board Certified Neurosurgeons or BC Orthopedic surgeons and they have said it is absolutely necessary to do and that you have exhausted all other treatments..

Obviously up to you....but I hope that the Chiro has not done more damage to you already:(

And as I mentioned....there are hundreds of thousands of people that have spine issues and some have herniations and don't even know it as they are pain and symptom free. Others have small issues but severe pain. So a MRI is just one way to look at a patient since pretty much everyone over the age 25-30 start to have degenerating discs.

So it's about getting the best Dr. and finding the best program that is helpful to you...

Keep us posted..

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