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Hello all,
I had a single level ACDF at C6/7 a week and a half ago, July 25th. It was a pretty easy surgery, all went according to plan and I have not had the need for a single pain killer since two hours after surgery. I had a post-op appointment with my surgeon a week later and he told me I was doing great. He told me I could start to take off the Aspen collar during the day and at night and I should start moving my head from side to side. He told me I could start driving in a week.

I feel pretty good, no pain, pretty decent range of motion from side to side and don't even really feel like I just had surgery.

I am supposed to be off work for three more weeks but I just cannot imagine that. I know I need another week or two for sure, but I feel pretty confident that I will be able to go back to work (office desk job) a week early.

So, my question is, have others experienced a quick recovery and gone back to work/life earlier than planned? I know I should be careful and not over do it, but I have no interest in milking disability any longer than I need to. Has anyone else returned to their life earlier than predicted?

That's great news!

The driving within a week is kind of scary because it's not about ability and pain levels, it's about things are so fragile that if you get into an accident, even a fender bender, it could easily cause paralysis. So, many Drs. have a longer period afterwards to protect their patients.

I recovered quickly like you after my first surgery and that was a two level fusion with my own hip bone.

Usually with a one level...anterior approach, especially with donor bone, people have a faster recovery period.

The issue with anything people see/post online it's going to be when there isn't a success story so you won't find as many on here like yourself but they are all out living their lives without any issue:)

I would just take things one day at a time, try not to overdo it, and enjoy the wonderful results and pretty much pain free recovery!

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