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Thanks again for your quick reply!!! I feel badly that I have all these questions without the report. But I'm remembering bits and pieces of the stuff that confused me the most, so at least it's not a total waste of time to discuss :-) So let me run through your questions for me so we can have a meeting of the minds and talk about it.


I wouldn't mind at all. I'm scheduled to see a great and highly recommended neurologist in town, but I can't get in until Sept 17, which by UK and Canadian standards is a dream, I'm sure.


If I have the facial paresthesia (always on the right maxillary part of my face), it's always accompanied by simultaneous tingling in the right arm, affecting my ring and pinky fingers, but has happened in my thumb before too. On the other hand I have had the arm and finger tingling without the facial paresthesia.


Usually on the right side at the base of my neck in between my shoulder blades. Sometimes it is accompanied by shoulder pain on both sides.


The shock feels like a burst of tingling on the right side of my face, neck, arm and fingers and only lasts for a second. While it feels like it happens simultaneous because it happens so fast, it seems more like it goes from my face down my arm if anything, rather than from the bottom up. The facial paresthesia is in the maxillary portion of my face only, under eye, cheek, and upper lip, down the right side of my neck to my ring and pinky finger tips, all in a matter of seconds but repeatedly and sudden. It stuns me more than anything.

<and you can see that both the C2 and C3 nerves could be at fault.>>

I'll look it up for sure.


I'm hyper-reflexive at wrist, elbow, knee and ankle on both sides, but more prominently on the right.


Yes, clearly noted on my cervical MRI as one of the first things mentioned. However, oddly it's not mentioned on the impression. (sigh)

<< I have something noted on just about every point on my cervical MRI except for C1-2, C-2 on down to C-7 seems to be all jacked up. I do remember a mention that there "do not appear to be any signal changes" >>

That's good....

<< There was some mention of osteophyte protrusion around C-3 at 3.5mm? Something like that. >>


I believe that was noted on my C4-5

<And that's "dessication", and is par for the course if you are over 50.>>

I'm not, I'm only 39 :-(


I know, and even worse would be an AP dimension of my canal at 6.7mm. The problem is, of course, is if that's my canal or cord measurements. (ugh) Stupid radiologist...

So in the end you would feel confident that I have spinal stenosis and some cord compression? That's kind of been the criteria by which I've used in the past to determine whether or not I'll consider surgery since my pain isn't unbearable. The nerve and spinal cord damage has always been the utmost concern to me in making that decision. And it appears to be getting worse. My 2009 cervical MRI didn't seem this bad at all, and there definitely wasn't any stenosis or cord compression noted at that time. The bad part is is my husband just quit his job to go to dental school and I am the only bread winner. We have a two year old also. And I just found out that the HUGE corporation that I work for does NOT pay for FMLA! They only guarantee your job back, the minimum the law requires. So if I had the surgery I wouldn't get paid during recovery. Ugh. In that case, I may not even be able to have the surgery if I wanted to :-(

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