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Hi Everyone,

I have DDD, cervical canal stenosis-moderately severe, foraminal narrowing and cord flattening, osteoarthritis. Apparently the action is really happening at C6-C-7. I have moderate stenosis, osteoarthritis and cord flattening at C5-C6.

I am currently awaiting an answer as to whether or not a neurosurgeon is going to see me, pending review of my chart notes, MRI and x rays. MRI has confirmed the above.

But I'm a little fast can this progress? I've had the most alarming symptoms the last year and a half, but it's gotten worse since last February.

The other night though, I was sitting up in bed, on the computer and I bent my head slightly forward, heard a large "CRACK!" noise, then felt a deep "thud" like feeling and then excrutiating sudden pain down the left shoulder, into my left arm. It seems this pain has now switched, but has yet to cease. It is now at the back of my neck, radiating down my right shoulder and with a shooting sharp pain down my arm. BOTH hands go numb at the pinky finger and the entire length of both arms on the outter side. I cannot turn my neck to the right, barely to the left.

I feel like I'm being BS'd and I'm getting tired of waiting after having been fighting with insurance to get seen my by a neuro. If I'm turned down, I'm going to cry. I'm tired of these frightening symptoms, which have also included heaviness and weakness in my legs, making it difficult to walk at times, as well as my coordination is off, I'm off balance and I keep dropping stuff left and right. I cannot grasp objects as small as a penny. I'm frustrated, but what happened the other night REALLY scared me.

Is this not serious? If it's not why does this keep getting worse for me? WHy don't neurosurgeons take this seriously, or is it serious?? UGH!

Thank you for your feedback.;)

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