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Strange spine pain
Sep 8, 2012
Hi all.

First of all here is my spine history:

1. lumbar surgery; HNP;
2. cervical surgery; stenosis foramana;
3. lumbar surgery; flatback; harrington rods;
4. cervical surgery; kyphosis; harring rods cervical & thoracic region
5. SCS implant ; then removal

Currents tests:

1. EMG showed severe nerve damage cervical/lumbar area;
2. EMG showed severe arthritis cervical/lumbuar area;
3. peripheral neuropathy
4. MRI showed myelomalacia cervical c6/7


1. weakness in arms;
2. radiating pain into shoulders;
3. numbness both legs left leg worse then right

I experience something and it has been going on a long time. It can act up then no symptoms for a real long time.
Last night it acted up again. I was sitting for a longer period of time then usual, probably a good hour plus.
I started to get this feeling that my spine was being crused. Just a lot of pressure around the spine. It was mostly in the cervical and upper thoracic region.
The only way I can describe it is that at times it feels like my spine is in a vice and someone is turning the vice tighter and tighter.

Anyone ever experience this or have any clue what can be causing it? It really is painful at times.

Thanks for listening.

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