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I had a 2 level acdf earlier this year and I would do it again if I had to. The awful stabbing pain in my neck is gone and so are most of my problems. My muscle in the upper part of my left arm still hurts on occasion and some numbness in the same arm plus under my chin from the incision on upwards are still some of the problems I have but at least I'm not paralyzed which was a good possibility from severe cord compression.

Over 17,000 ACDF's are performed every year in the US. Most people have no complications and have moved on with their lives. The stories you read here are not the norm. It's not as bad as some people would lead you to believe. After I had my surgery I had a sore throat for a few days from the tube they put in but other than that the surgery went off without a hitch as did my recovery. I was surprised at how well I did after surgery because I had read all the horror stories and was prepared for the worst.

As for pain, I had arthroscopic knee surgery 9 weeks after my acdf and the pain from that was a LOT worse than the ACDF pain. The only pain I had from that was the muscles in the back of my neck; my knee hurt like hell for 2 weeks after the surgery and all they did was stick two things into my knee. It hurt so bad it scared my Dad from having knee replacement surgery.

All surgeries have their risk-it just seems more scary because it's your spine involved. But if you find someone(preferably a neurosurgeon) who is good at what he does and does spines than you should be okay.

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