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hey karen, just curious if after that 'sudden onset' temporal pain and what followed, if anyone bothered to at the very LEAST do a CT on your brain to check for ANY type of bleeds or other stuff(like certain types of actual vascular malformations) that could show itself upon CT and also MRI, esp with a contrasting agent added that would at least show the overall bloodflow too? if they have yet to simply even 'do' one contrasted MRI at this point(would show soft tissue and blood vessel structures), that IS what i would be pushing for. while i know some people here who have stated they have what are called 'cervicogenic headaches', you still NEED to find the underlying base or trigger for them too.

there is a poster named sammy01 who most definitely DID have some very severe headpain stemming from the more severe probs within her c spine, and that one i KNOW without a doubt WAS generated by what was some pretty indepth c spine issues and fragments that once were an actual disc that fragmented apart in her actual c spine(did NOT at all actually show this part on her MRI but was found during her c spine surgery 'only") and part of went under that very critical ligament(of flavum) that runs kind of over the cord levels to help protect the cord and generate movement when turning the head/neck too. her head pain almost completely totally went away after her ACDF. and if i remember right, it was her c 5-7, but mostly the 7 that WAS the major culprit in 'her' headpain.

anything just IS indeed a possible karen when it simply comes to how our 'own' anatomy just is, nerve and vascular placements and any other anatomical issues that we are usually simply 'born with' that way too. soo, i am assuming that you had to have had at the very least, some type of 'scan' done for them to even be planning surgery on those specific areas? what type of scan was done and what was actually found that would be all summarized on that very last page of your report? just knowing what was found in there, and as that interpretting rad typed it up word for word, and if esp what you mentioned about your 'cord being touched', is that true? rally would help US to best help you. if you do not yet have that specific report, you seriously NEED to have it, along with ANY other types of actual testing reports that ever get done on you too. this is all a big part of 'your" ongoing medical history that we all simply need to keep aquireing along the way, ESP when we have c spine issues and some other unexplained sudden pain and what sounds like a definite problem with your trigeminal nerve on that particular side showing symptoms. that scan report, which i am hoping is a good contrasted MRI done, is also what your very 'baseline' of original findings before that landscape actually will change with any type of c spine surgery too, so it IS simply a 'need' for all of us to keep getting, and more importantly when we are also facing any types of surgery on THAT scanned area.

the one thing here that i am really wondering about is if what you mentioned about your cord actually even being involved in any way is actually true, or something you 'thought' might be an issue? it DOES matter alot if that area IS being impacted by 'something' that would also tend to run across thru that dura and would also have the potential to really impact your CSF flow too. that CSF just gets generated within the brain, then runs down one side of the spinal cord within that sura/thecal sac, then runs back up to the brain again to be replenished. there is a very specific 'timing' of how thew ebb and flow of this simply runs in there as well. if there is ANY real 'blockage' as would potentially just be there whenever you have something stemming from that spinal column on over thru that dura TO cord, it would most definitely not allow at least the 'full' amount of the norm level of CSF to flow either.

the thing about the CSF is if this fluid is not running thru that dura/around our brains and then down thru the cord and back by anything impairing that normal flow, it CAN also create much higher pressure among other things, both within the dura and the dura within/surounding the brain as well. and THAT alone can generate some pretty definite headpain only becasue of the higher pressure running thru it and it 'being at too high of a pressure with the CNS(central nervous system, which IS the brain and cord together) as a whole.

answer me this karen. the actual numbness/tingling that you are experiencing ONLY within that facial area? is this 'only' on that R side to like stopping right at 'midline" of the facial or does this actually go beyond midline? the reason i am asking is that our facial innervation for the most part is from two seperate 'sides" of what runs from over our ears on both sides then runs OVER our temporal bones and then the R and L ones kind of innervate everything on THAT side until it meets AT midline. so if your R sided trigeminal is being impacted in some shape of form and is generating that numbness/tingling, it would almost HAVE to be stemming from the R side only pretty much. but once you get into the mouth(beyond the actual teeth and back) and down the throat area, that is another form of actual cranial nerve and not the trigeminal anymore.

while it does sound like you DO have some bigger issues running within your c spine, if you have NEVER ever actually had at least a contrasted brain MRI just to check on among ALOT of other things, the potential for impact to/on what is the trigeminal ganglion(this is the 'main' trigeminal all together in a larger branch right before it seperates into the smaller branches that innervate each side of most of the face and teeth, but ONLY on the one side(so you simply do have 2 seperate trigeminals running to/within the face but on EACH side towards midline of face. it comes into the face from kind of over each ear itself, then right over that temporal bone, the outward). so that trigeminal can alsosomehow be impacted by something like your temporal bloodflow(or a problem within it). you just do have an arterial bloodflow that also runs thru that temporal area within the brain that you can also feel if you just place your fingers over that temple and feel your own pulse there(this just is one of our bodies many actual 'pulse points', where you can simply really 'feel" your own pulse/bloodflow thru the artery). so if anything was impacting THAT in some way, it just also could be impacting that trigeminal too in some shape or form as well. and also either rule in or out what just can also be stemming from with usually a more major type of arterial blood vessel or one of its more direct branches within our brains by using that one contrasted MRI on the brain.

there just really IS no true way to ever "know" what is something within our own bodies that we simply can be born with that may not show up for many many years as some type of a possible vascular malformation like i was, or just how YOUR individual inner cord/brain anatomy runs too, unless it 'presents itself with symptoms or gets found upon some type of deeper inner scan done on or around it and THEN it gets found as an incidental finding"? but a contrasted MRI would really better show those blood vessels both within the brain and what are major arteries that run on the outter side of the actual vertebral bones from where they enter the c spine at c 6 on up to the brain called the vertebral arteries.

there just are only like two things in our bodies that have the capacity to generate any levels of true 'numbness/tingling" in a much more general and very basic way, and that is the nerves being impacted/involved somewhere or some type of loss of bloodflow or its overall velocity TO that area that is numb/tingling too. no matter what the bigger picture is found out to be, it will almost always end up stemming from, in the very base of things, only those two things in 'some' possible way, bloodflow or nerve impact. it would just all eventually track back to one of or even both of those two possibles in some way shape or form.

knowing exactly what was found and how bad the findings themselves just were by typing out at least that very last page of the MRI report, as i said, word for word only becasue the 'how/whats' in what the rads terms used just are in that report can also tell alot about findings. and if you have not yet had your brain fully scanned by at least MRI with a contrasting agent, that truely is a must right now as well. dxing anything really IS a matter of testing the most 'likely' areas for what a persons symptoms just are and then trying to track the findings and symptoms back to the underlying generators.

before i forget, yopu mentioned getting 'blocks' done for years? just exactly what were the 'types' of blocks given(there just are MANY diferent types of blocks that CAN even BE done on us. i have had alot of diferent types for my insane body crap and spinal pain too. and where did they actually inject them in you? this too is kind of important to also know.

but if i were you, i would hold off on ANY actual spinal surgeries until that brain ALSO just gets a good deep scan just considering the sudden onset headpain and what truely appears to be at least 'something' that is 'actively' impacting or even possibly damaged your trigeminal. you just need to know everything there just IS to know before going into any surgery with certain symptoms still NOT yet fully explained, esp when THAT obvious and impactful. this IS what i would do and want if i were in your situation karen. but i am really curious to read what your actual report states, esp ANY actual cord involvement. how long ago was that MRI done on you? that too matters since many types of spinal issues can be much more progressive in nature. marcia

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