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On March 6th 2012 I had surgery on my neck "cervical spine" The surgery was to remove a benign tumor. This tumor had been in place next to my spinal cord for many, many years and wasn't detected until it started to put pressure on my spinal cord. C-2 C-3 C-4 C-5 bones in the back of my neck were also taken out and then fusion was made to hold everything in place. prior to this surgery I have had surgery on both shoulders 199 and again 2001 rotator and bone spurs.after thos two surgeries i developed arthritis in my shoulders and although painfull i was able to deal with it. after this last surgery on my neck the shoulders weree fine I thought. every thing was ok and I was healing and dealing with this new pain. and I cant get any relief. .. It started with the left side being numb and tingly. Now 6 months post surgery and check up 2 week, one month, 3 month 6 month post. All to include CT scan and same day visit with Doctor.
I still have some tingly and numbness in my left hand and down my left leg. Now I have issues involving the nerves in and around my neck. The pain is a sharp, shooting pain that starts on either side of the neck and then will shoot down the back of my arm. Mostly it's the left arm and gets to where it takes my breath away and throbs into my muscles all over my upper body. Every few minutes a thunder bolt of pain shoots from under my collar bone on either side right into my lung area. My hands at the wrists will swell up to where I can't even tie my shoes or button a shirt. The stiffness that comes with this pain makes it hard to move around. I have lost motion that I used to have in my head and that makes it hard to keep balance. I am feeling all sorts of sensation that feel as if a spinder or something of that nature is crawling on just the back of my neck. I have fallen many times and my left leg just goes out and down I go, with no warning... Over the course of the last 6 months post surgery I have not been able to breathe for just a split second on several occasions. This happens and it's like being under water. But like I said it only last a fraction of second and my brain restarts it just as quick. My pain is not just confined to the neck but also gets to other areas. my shoulders, back, arms and hands. The numbness and loss of feeling that I hav now first started the minute I woke from this surgery and has not got any better or worse that I can tell, Numbness like a viisit to the dentist starting with the right side from behind my ear up and around my cheek to my lower jaw. This has not changed since March 2012. The tingling sensations are still in my left leg and left arm to include fingers. There has been several times where I have lost control of my bladder and could not feel the urge, or stop it once it began... This is something that I have been going through every day and over the last 6 months these issues are becoming more frequent and more intense each time. I asked my doctor if there was nerve damage and he was real firm in his command and said no "I took the nerve out with the tumor" and has stood firm an evry one of these issues that is going to take time to heal. The longer I go every day the worse things get
I feel very strong that there is sever nerve damage and he refuses to listen.[/FONT][/SIZE][/SIZE]

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