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Hello folks. I found out that there is a lot of knowledgeable citizens on this forum. Perhaps I can get some piece of mind with your input. I am 38 years old. About three years ago I had a 30 pound box slipped between my arms hitting me on top of the head. The doctors diagnosed was a strained neck. I had pain and stiffness in the neck for like three weeks. My neck has always hurt on and off for a while after that accident. Recently the pain has gotten worse. I cannot even look all the way into the ski or bring my chin to either of my shoulders. Motorcycle helmets give me excruciating pain.

An X-ray revealed narrowing of the C5-C6 level with posterior spondylotic changes that narrow the spinal canal. The report explains that the neural foramina demonstrates narrowing of the C5-C6 neural foramen on the right and the C5-C6 on the left too. The report indicates the existence of degenerative disc disease at C5-C6 with probable posterior displacement of an osteophyte disc complex narrowing the spinal canal with associated narrowing of the vertebral foramina at C5-C6 bilaterally.

So far I haven't feel any numbness or tingling in my extremities. I have notice some balance issues every here and there in addition to some changes in bowel movements. Other than the constant pain (4 on a 10 scale) I have no other major issues. The doctor suggest a visit to a neurosurgeon. Will I get worse with age? Should I be concerned at all? I am afraid to see a specialist who may give me a worse diagnostic.

Any input will be appreciated. I hope to hear from you since I'm clueless about all of this. God bless you folks
Hi. I too had degenerative disc disease that was diagnosed back in my 30's. Mine was due to being thrown into a wall by an out of control child. I am now in my 50's and had to have surgery due to spinal stenosis and foraminal stenosis. The biggest advice I can give you is to visit several doctors. Do your research and select those who are the most knowledgeable. I went to three neurosurgeons & 2 neurologists for opinions. Unlike you, I developed weakness in my left arm due to nerve compression at the C4-C7 area. That's what brought me to the doctor about 6 years ago. Even though I was diagnosed in my 30's, I didn't follow up with it because I had no symptoms - just pain. Please continue to follow your condition and seek the advice of well qualified physicians early on in the process.
Armyman - given your symptoms, I really think you need an MRI. If you doc won't order one , and won't explain to your complete satisfaction why he won't, then you also need a new doc.

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