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Re: Cyst Confusion
Nov 13, 2012
[QUOTE=TLClark525;5088317]I had an MRI 11 months ago yet only found out last week that I have several cysts on my spine... I am unclear still what type of cysts they are.... and just a little nervous. What I do know is that they are from T-2 through T-8. My husband is military and I have another appt on Thursday to hopefully get some more answers to my confusion...... I am in a lot of pain and am constantly freezing and have in the last few months lost some feeling to my right (top) foot and ankle, the top of both of my arms and am not sleeping well.... arthritis up and down my spine, some degenerative disks as well as bulging disks to include the thoracic area.... and headaches, always in pain and forgetful... many other symptoms but good start...

I was sent to a pain management Dr. who did not share the knowledge of the cysts and treated me really poorly when I notified her about losing feeling in the top of my foot... I am tired of feeling stupid and as if I am faking my pain....[/QUOTE]

Curious as to how you found out about the cysts. I was told that I had a syrinx in my spinal cord and it turned out to be edema

MTA: Syrinx= pockets of fluid

also make sure you get a second opinion (which is what I did well actually I got 2 other opinions)

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