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Hi All,

OK, I hope I'm not taxing the community here. I have a lot of questions, and you guys seem educated. I'm both sorry for that education as well as grateful for your time and assistance/opinions.

I made an appointment immediately with my primary care physician after a car accident (see initial post). I told him I had numbness on my right side, in particular my wrist and foot. He told me I'd be fine, prescribed some medication, and PT. An MRI was not ordered, nor was a consult with a neurologist. I am angry about this, as I know now that this is standard and no one can know whether the[I][B] 4 months[/B][/I] of not knowing I had 4 bulging discs did further damage. I saw the image, and it is a horror still seared in my brain.

I am now in the care of a physiatrist, whom I trust. I do feel, however, I am slipping through the cracks and know I need to be a better advocate for myself. I have questions specific to spinal epidurals, which I've had twice, as well as trigger point injections .In your opinion, is an EMG in order (still feel numbness, although less so in my wrist and am dropping things still). Also, do any of you know if these protrusions can cause extreme fatigue?

I know this is long, and we're all in pain. I will return the favor when I can. I still have not gotten a lower back MRI. It has not even come up. The cervical spine issues are so bad, I think we are focusing on that first. I'm also wondering if these are measures (PT is really just about "icing it" now). I'm frustrated. Does it seem or has it been your experience that these are steps that indicate surgery, because, frankly, I'd rather just get this over with than deal with chronic pain. Just typing this is difficult.

On a totally unrelated note, how the **** do I remove my location? I'm pretty much signing my name here. Any help-even with that one-is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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