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I have posted on here before, and have had some great support from people so thank you. I am just having a moment of self doubt and wondered if anyone could help me.
I have a history of neck and shoulder pain, and was diagnosed with a rotator cuff tear in my left shoulder, which was repaired in August 2011. I had an MRI scan done in 2007,on my cervical spine due some neck pain and loss of sensation I had suffered, and was told that the scan showed some wear and tear in my neck. I was offered a nerve root injection, but never took the offer up at that time, and didn't receive any further treatment, and just got on with things, by 2010, I was experiencing severe left shoulder pain aswell as neck pain, and after nearly 9 months, of being tried on various pain killers, was eventually referred to an orthopedic Doctor - who very relunctantly sent me for an MRI scan on the left shoulder and cervical spine. The results showed a tear in the rotator cuff, and showed bulging discs and wear and tear in the cervical spine. Very long story short now, but the shoulder took priority and I had to wait to be seen about my neck, I was seen in January of this year, and was given a nerve root injection in March of this year, that was no benefit at all. I was in May referred for a nerve conduction test (as I suffer with pins and needles in both hands) and a new MRI scan. Following these tests, I was offered an appointment for May 2013 to be seen by a consultant to discuss them. I wasn't happy about the wait, so asked if I could have a copy of the results, so I could see my GP, and see if I needed to be seen sooner. (I will add I having been taking tramadol and paracetomol since November 2010, but am still suffering pain and discomfort).

I got the copies of the results, and the scan reads as follows:

Degenerative Disc Disease is seen throughout the cervical spine, with straightening of the normal cervical lordosis.

Broad based disc osteophyte complexes are indenting the theca and contacting the spinal cord between c3/4 and c6/7 levels. At c5/6 the complex is more prominent with flattening of the right side of the spinal chord.

Bilateral nerve root foraminal narrowing is identified at c5/6 level with milder left sided narrowing also noted at c6/7.
Degenerative disc bulges are minimally indenting the spinal chord at T5/6 and T6/7.
The nerve conduction test report just says: The conduction studies show only some borderline changes which may be of no relevance.

I was able to get my appointment brought forward, but had to resort to making a complaint, unfortunately, as the Hospital repeatedly ignored my GP's requests.
Amazingly they were able to offer me an appointment the very next day after having received my letter...
Anyway, the Consultant I saw, was nothing but rude to me, he told me there was nothing wrong with my neck, the shoulder pain I am still suffering had nothing to do with my neck, all my symptoms, were because I had seen my report.
I decided to go back to my GP to see if I can arrange for a second opinion, which she is arranging for me, and I have made a complaint about the Consultant, he threw my arms around causing me real pain in my neck and shoulders, and was so rude he reduced me to tears.
The reson for me posting today, is I have received a copy of the letter he has just sent to my GP.
He just says, the MRI results show mild degenerative changes but no frank nerve root compression and my conduction studies were unremarkable, he doesn't feel anymore than some stronger pain killers are needed.

Yes, I am waiting for a second opinion, but this letter has just reduced me to tears again, as I feel I am just going to be seen as some kind of hypercondriac, I am close to just not bothering and putting up with things, and really am starting to question my pain and wonder if I am just doing it to myself.
I just wondered really if there is anyone out there, who believes me, and thinks its not in my head.
Thank you for reading my post in advance.

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