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Terrible pain
Dec 12, 2012
Hello Everyone

This cold weather is give me problems. Well I guess its the weather. It got really cold 2 days ago and both feet ankle down hurt to move. The right side of my body hurt even to be touched. My right wrist and hand hurt like my feet did. Then last night I woke up with terrible pain behind my left shoulder blade. This is new because my pain is normally on the right. Anyways, I thought if I got up and moved around it would stop but I was wrong. I cant bend, lean forward, or take a deep breath. The funny thing is I can move my left arm with every little pain but any movement of my right arm feels like Ive been stabbed behind the left shoulder blade kind of close to the mid back. It also feels like a 200lb weight is over the area. Ive taken all my meds (1 micardis, 1 flexeril, 1 klonopin, 2 narco, 1 wellbutrin, 1 neurontin) with no relief. This really has me upset that I didnt have my surgery Monday. Jan 23 is a long wait when your in pain. Has anyone experienced this type of pain.

ACDF 5/6 Oct 2011- failed to fuse
Awaiting multi level corpectomy c5 &c6, c4/5 & c6/7 fusion, and posterior wire fusion c4-7

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