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Please explain

Study Result
MRI survey of the cervical spine performed without contrast enhancement:

Cervical and left upper extremity pain/weakness of 3 weeks duration.

Standard cervical spine protocol was utilized.

Mild motion degradation is observed, most evident on the T1-weighted axial sequences.

At C5-C6 level, moderate intervertebral disc degeneration, endplate osteophytes and a
small broad-based central posterior disc/osteophyte complex are observed. Mild
compression of the ventral aspect of the thecal sac and moderate stenosis of the
intervertebral foramina are observed at this level on the axial sequences.

At the C4-C5 level, mild intervertebral disc degeneration and posterior annular
bulging are observed. The dimensions of the spinal canal and intervertebral foramina
appear adequate at this level and at the remaining levels surveyed.

The vertebra appear intact in satisfactory alignment. A mild cervical kyphosis is
noted. The cervical and upper thoracic cord are unremarkable in appearance.

Impression: Mild motion artifact, as described.

Findings consistent with moderate spondylosis/foraminal stenosis at the C5-C6 level,
as described.
[QUOTE=WebDozer;5104351]Doesn't look like anything bad. If your nerve roots were compressed going through the foramina, the C4-5 level might affect your deltoid and biceps, but not down to your hand. The C5-6 might affect your triceps, and could have symptoms going down into your thumb.

It's always possible that the radiologist is misreading the images, or downplaying what he's seeing, but just based on the report I don't see that there's any action that's called for, at least regarding your cervical spine.

I assume, though, that you're going to have some kind of specialist following up?[/QUOTE]

I do have cramping and burning in the upper arm and increase pain in neck since thanksgiving, this is 6-7 months since this MRI, and nerve testing. Also now having increased pain in upper back/shoulder area with tingling in L hand to the point it feel asleep.Before under side of upper arm had the campy, burning feeling and this time top side of upper and lower arm. I have been seeing neuro doctors,now having therapy AGAIN and now being schedule for epidural injections as well. Any repetitive motions increasing pain. D/t no insurance, because length of time being out of work, repeat MRI probable wont happen at this time.
Should I request second opinion? How long should I being feeling all this pain?

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