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The vast majority of the pain from spine problems comes from the musculature supporting the spine. In order for the spine to remain flexible, the muscles must remain strong and when pain starts to interfere, many do the wrong thing...they stop exercising. The muscles then weaken, forcing the bones of the spine to take on more stress, causing DDD(spinal arthritis) to get worse, faster.

The muscles then react to the weakness with spasms and BINGO, you have pain...lots of it. That in turn causes the tendons that connect muscles to the bones to swell and give you more pain. This is most likely what you are feeling and seeing on his back....a swollen inflamed tendon. Treat with heat.

The neck pain is most likely myofascial pain syndrome...pain from chronic muscle spasms. PT will work best for that. They can massage the knots out of the muscles. A good deep tissue myofascial massage hurts but gives incredible relief.

DDD at any one level of the spine is insignificant....just means you have some arthritis of aging showing up and everyone gets it with age. The disk bulge at T1-2 is only a problem IF the disk is bulging backwards toward the cord or to the back/sides towards the nerves. It is doing neither. Nor can it be felt or seen as the disk is about 3" inside the body on the front side of the spine.

If you want to do anything, get a new MRI and see if anything has progressed. But here is the truth from someone looking at a 4th spine surgery this spine surgeon operates to fix pain. They operate to save nerves from dying and causing paralysis. And surgery may not relieve any pain and may actually cause more that will never leave.

Nerves that are producing pain are alive and kicking nerves...they can't produce pain signals otherwise. But if the real source is the muscles and tendons as most back/neck pain is, then that can be successfully treated with physical therapy.

Sorry, but if you are looking for a silver bullet cure for the pain in some kind of spine surgery, you are badly misinformed. Most spine surgery produces more pain than it resolves. Find a good physical therapist and make them a life long friend and he will do much better.


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