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[QUOTE=WebDozer;5126563]Pointed out a thin white line in your cord and DIDN'T EXPLAIN?? You need to find someone who will explain, and you need to do it asap...[/QUOTE]

Dear RDJ, On MRI reports Ive been informed by my dr that white can be CSF & also scar tissue. On the thin white fluid line by spinal cord this may be myelomalacia which can happen to cord with severe compression & it means a softening of the cord or beginning of atrophy to cord but thin "white fluid" line may be CSF.. I do not know about cervical MRIs but i do know that different radiologists say different opinions on viewing the exact same films. I think that asking a spine only neurosurgeon or an orthopedic surgeon that limits his practice to spine only to give a proper explanation & evaluation of your films. Also, many people including myself had/have spine surgery to relief the massive pain but spine surgery is predominately done for nerve decompression whose symptoms are radiating pain down extremity, pins & needles, numbness & even after spine surgery & decompression it can take a year for the compressed nerves to lose inflammation & heal again to normal & depending on how severely compressed & how long compressed before surgery residual permanent nerve damage can occur. Also a good question for the surgeon is about pain after surgery caused by facet arthritis, SI joint arthritis &/or nerve root irritation from overdoing it or stability problems from bone removal or hardware rubbing bone or osteophyte formation. So,
when you see each surgeon ask about the aforementioned & make sure that the drs suggestion is completely clear to you so that you are making an informed choice.

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