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hi all
have just been and picked up my scans but do not understand reports would be really grateful if someone could translate it into a more simple form.

MRI of lumber spine

left lateral disc protrusion at L1/S1 with migration into superior margin of left L5/S1 neuroforamen causing compression of the exiting left L5 nerve root.
mild impingement of left lateral recesses at L5/S1 due to combination of broad based lateral disc protrusion and facet joint arthropathy also demonstrated.
no large disc prolapse. L5/S1 discs degenerate with evidence of annular tear. normal appearances of remaining lumbar disc.mild facet joint osteoarthritis at L4/L5 also demonstrated.
normal alignment of bony lumbar spine. no pars defect or spondylolisthesis. lower spinal cord appears normal. no vertebral collapse,pre or para spinal soft tissue mass. mild bone marrow oedema at L5/S1 end plates (type 1 modic end plate changes).


1. left lateral disc protrusion at L5/S1 with compression of left L5 nerve root in the neural foramen.mild facet
joint osteoarthritis at L5/S1.
2. no central spinal stenosis.

MRI of sacroiliac joints

mild degenerative changes in both sacroiliac bone erosions or subchondral inflammatory changes seen to suggest sacroilitis. no occult fracture or focal bony lesion.


mild degenerative changes in both sacroiliac joints. no mri evidence of sacroilitis.

MRI spine cervical

multi-level degenerate disc bulges are noted mainly at C2/3, C4/5 and C5/6. at C5/6 there is a broad-based disc osteophyte complex slightly more prominent on the left causing foraminal narrowing. a small component of the disc is noted on the right causing mild right-sided narrowing at this level also. I note the clinical symptoms are predominantly on the left. at C4/5 there is minor right-sided foramina narrowing noted. there is loss of lumbar lordosis. no spinal masses demonstrated. the cervical medullary junction and cervical cord signal intensities are preserved.


C5/6 disc as described.

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