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Hello my name is Cynthia in November of 2011 I fell on some ice. I had an x-ray in January 2012 because the pain was unbearable and an MRI right after the x-ray. Can someone tell me the results mean. AP, lateral and oblique cervical spine radiographs reveal loss of cervical lordosis with replacement by kyphosis and tilting of the head and neck to the right, with no evidence of fracture, malalignment or other acute or pertinent abnormalities. MRI There is straightening of the cervical spine. Individual disk levels are as follows. C2/3: Normal C3/4: Normal C4/5: Trace posterior disc protrusion C5/6: Normal C6/7: Trace posterior disc protrusion C7/T1: Normal. Please help what does that mean. I have been in pain since the fall, but since the beginning of February 2013 my right pinky and ring finger are always numb and I have pain from those fingers to my elbow, in my shoulder and some times I have pain in my ribs on the same side. Also I have pain on the left side of my butt. I was in the Army from 4 August 1997 to 26 June 2012. Since I got out and with my my new symptoms my VA doctor continues to say that I do not need another MRI. Whatever the x-ray and MRI says or don't say there is no reason I should be in this much pain. Please Help.
Dear Cinderella, Welcome & thank you from my family's heart to yours for your service to our country. An MRI is just one tool used by a spine surgeon, neuro or orthopedic, along with a neurological exam & listening to your personal medical history to determine a diagnosis & treatment plan & if other testing such as EMG/nerve conduction studies, etc &/ or if referrals to other drs such as a physical medicine & rehab dr or neurologist are needed to best evaluate, diagnose & treat a long term painful injury especially an injury that involves symptoms in upper & lower extremities, trunk & buttocks that is not resolving & causing severe pain. I hope that you find pain relief soon!
Hey there Cynthia also thank you for your service to our country... I too served 9 years in the Army & National Guard. I also know that the VA doctors are slow to react/act upon injuries & ailments at times. I would keep on your local VA to respond for more tests like "GMAK" says like the EMG,another mri, or even like I just had a myelogram.
Here is the definition of "Lordosis & Kyphosis"

When viewed from the side, the normal cervical spine curves slightly inward. This inward curve is called lordosis. Kyphosis is a term used to describe a type of abnormal curve in the spine. A kyphotic curve looks like the letter "C" with the opening of the C pointing towards the front. This type of curve is the opposite of a normal lordotic curve, which has the opening facing towards the back.

You also might seek another doctor(if you have your own insurance or can afford it).
I hope you can get the tests you need soon to find out the causes of the numbness & pain.

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