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I have been having extreme tension in the upper neck and back which I feel is probably soft tissue (but maybe with an underlying hard tissue pathology?). I do have a history of myofascial pain and knotted muscles, but nothing like the past several months.

I don't have the traditional symptoms I read much about like extremity tingling, arm pain, headaches or anything. However, in addition to very ropey and knotted upper back muscles (causing neck stiffness), I also have developed something called notalgia parasthetica which causes numbness, tingling and itching from my upper left trapeziuss down to my inside lower shoulder blade area. It also seems to partially cause some of the spasms.

From researching, little is known of NP except that it is under diagnosed and is caused presumably by either hard or soft tissue interference(?) with posterior dorsal rami nerves.

Now back to my question; I don't have good insurance so don't want to waste money on other radiological tests if only MRIs have any value. Can much be interpreted from hard tissue xrays? I am not sure what type of doctor to see about this (neurologist, physiatrist-spine, acupuncture, chiropractor??). I sure don't have money to go the gamut with all of them.

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