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Ok so i have a question but first a little background on my situation, I have a herniated cervical disc which is indenting my spinal cord and causing foraminal stenosis my exam shows I have diminished reflexes in my right arm I have had pain since August and I am unable to tilt my head to the right or turn to the right with out turning my body, i have lost grip strength and have numbness and tingling in hands as well as been have sharp pains in arm and tennis elbow. my last set of xrays show mu cervical spine has straightened due to spasm. my doctors have wanted more testing ie emg ncv and another mri as well as PT and epidural injections an trigger point to treat my symptoms but my job will not allow any of those treatments even though they agree with the findings. My question is since my job won't allow treatment for what has been diagnosed which is cervical radiculopathy and foraminal stenosis and straightening of spine due to spasm what can I do to help correct it? And will my conditions get worse if I don't get any treatment? As I said it is work related and it seems my job is trying to either force me back to full duty or retire me. Is this even a disabling condition? Sorry I rambled but its hard to type with my head tilted left which seems to help with the neck pain.

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