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Ive been to several doctors and no one can help me. So Im hoping someone can here. Something is wrong with my whole body and Im not sure if its my c spine and lumbar or Lyme disease. I was hoping it was my back but the doctor said its fine. Im so depressed I hope someone can help me

Mri - c spine - Straightening of the normal lordosis. mild disc desiccation and narrowing at C5-6. C5-6 small central protrusion that does not lateralize significantly. C6-7 focal central bulge. Normal cervical cord.
Lumbar- mild central bulge at L4-5. L5-S1 disc desiccation and narrowing. Broad based annular and central bulging of the disc with a small annular rent centrally - does not demonstrate any disc estrusion. The exit foramina are patent.
T - spine - mild lower cervical and mild upper thoracic dextroscoliosis
Brain - normal

Main symptoms :
Pain in neck, shoulders, arms and hands - arms are weak, burn sometimes and sometimes sensitive to cold air, they get numb when I lay down on my neck. Its hard to write, not impossible but my hands ache. It seems like both my arms ache down the nerve paths if that makes any sense. Also before all of my horrible symptoms started I did lift my kid at the playground and had a sharp pain in the front of my neck 10 minutes later. Since then my neck has been very stiff, burning on back of neck, one day I couldn't even swallow. Its gotten better since a few months ago but still doesn't feel right. If I turn my head I sometimes have buzzing in my ears and a little flash of light. My cheeks burn hot when laying down.

Pain in back- upper back between shoulders - when doctors press on my upper spine it makes me cry. Lumbar muscles are stiff and have creepy crawly feeling when I bend foward. This started right around the same time after the playground. I noticed my back muscles were so tight I couldn't move. Then one day my back started having cold burning sensations that went to hot burning sensations throughout my whole body. Shooting pains in lumbar.

Pain in legs, knees, ankles, and feet. - Sometimes have a stabbing pain in my knee. Other times when Im sitting they feel funny. My butt will go numb/ burn when sitting. When I lay down I have twitches in my legs. Getting better now but a few months ago was very bad.

The worst of all was when this first started weak, pain, burning, I also had trouble with my gait. My legs felt like jello. That is better now.

I have passed the neurologist exam and no one knows what it is. They just want to hand me medicine and pass me to another doctor. I have a two year old and its really upsetting to not know what is wrong with me.

It seems like all of my peripheral nerves are over sensative and hurt. Now a year ago I did get tested for lyme due to a circular rash I had. My test results were only one band (23) western blot and band 23, and 41 elisa. So according to my doctor was not enough to be positive. So eighter its my spine or lyme.

Its just when I ride down a bumpy road or when I lay down my symptoms seem to get worse. Thats why I thougt my neck and my back.

Sorry for the book here, Im so upset, please help. THanks

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