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Is it possible?
Apr 6, 2013
I've been diagnosed with bone spurs with spinal cord impingement C4-5, C5-6. I've been on pain management, therapy trigger point injections, etc etc for over a year. I've managed to continue to work full time and my work is very important to me. However, the pain has been getting worse and worse. I come home in the morning (I work nights) and I'm in tears due to the pain. Anyway, my orthopedist (spine specialist) says my only option at this point is fusion surgery. I've gone through it before on my lumbar/thoracic spine many years ago due to scoliosis.

My question- the Dr said the surgery and post op would be one overnight stay and he sees no reason I couldn't return to work in 2 weeks. Is that possible? What has everyone's experience been? I've been reading some posts that have me very nervous. I really don't want to be incapacitated for a long period of time! Thanks!

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