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This is my reply to all of you who have experienced pain in your shoulder(s) following ACD&F surgery. I had my 3rd fusion at C4,5 last October, 2012 after C6,7 and C5,6 in 2008. This time around, however, I have had sore shoulders, especially my right one. I had an U/S done and it showed a 20 (x 2 x 9) mm tear in one of my tendons (Supraspinatus tendon). I had been told that this was likely as the result of being strapped down too tightly to some board that they use during surgery to immobilize the body. It now makes sense. [B]All those in the O/R should remember that it is a [U]real person[/U] on the O/R table! Not some dummy![/B]
As an update to my pain after the three ACD&F surgeries, My pain has been constant and, although, not worse, it is not better. Yesterday I went and had a second RFL - radio frequency lesioning as the first did not quite "hit the mark". The needles must hit the proper nerves and the procedure is done under Xray. There is a series of 4 needles given on each side of the upper back/lower neck. Freezing is introduced and then electrodes are inserted and an electrical jolt [I][B]damages[/B][/I] the nerves, thereby preventing them from carrying (all of) the pain signals. Most other pain control methods have been tried, to no avail. So, I have been continuing with my pain medication including about 50 mg oxycodone a day. I sure hope to get off all pain killers in the near future!!! Anyway, I wish all of you luck with your procedures. Hopefully, this may give you a valid reason for having sore shoulders following your surgery. It certainly makes sense to me!!

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