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I need some help concerning my mri results. I was just told I was on a waiting list and it would be over 2 years. I think I need to see someone sooner, here are the results.
There is normal vertebral body alignmment and height. There is a reversal of normal lordosis in the mid cervical spine. No abnormality at the foramen magnum or craniocervical junctions and atiantoaxial joints appear normal. At C2-3 and C3-4 no pathology seen. At C4-5 there is a broad based posterior disc osteophyte ridge and bilateral neuroccentric joint osteophyte formation causing flattening of the ventral theca and moderate bilateral C5 foraminal narrowing. At C5-6 there iis marked reduction of disc height and there is a right paracentral posterior disc protrusion which does compress the servical spine cord ore marked to he right of the midline. There i neurocentric joint degeneration and osteophyte formation particualry on the tight with severe right C6 foraminal narrowing. At C6-7 there is a broad based central psoterior disc protrusion and endplate osteophyte formation causing some subtle compression of the cervical spinal cord. There is bilateral neurocentric joint degeneration and ostephyte formation resulting in a moderate C7 foraminal narrowing. At C7-T1 there is no significant pathology. The upper thoracic levels displayed show no pathology.

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