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<< C5-C6 Diffuse disc bulge central disc protrusion with effacement of the anterior aspect of the cord and residual AP diameter of the canal of 7 mm. >>

The C5-6 disk is bulging backward into the spinal canal. It has effaced (pushed away) the cerebrospinal fluid on the anterior (front side) of the spinal cord. The canal has been narrowed to an AP(front-to-back) diameter of 7mm. That's pretty narrow, but does not NECESSARILY mean you have spinal cord impingement. The radiologist should say if you do, and he doesn't say.

<< Uncinate process hypertrophy with severe right foraminal stenosis. >>

You have bone overgrowth (bone spurs or "osteophytes") growing off the part of the vertebrae that interface with the C5-6 disk. The bone growth is creating stenosis (narrowing) of the opening (foramen) where the right C6 nerve leaves the cord and heads down toward your hand. You may have a variety of symptoms from your neck down to your thumb.

<< C6-C7 Diffuse disc bulge with an AP diameter of the canal of 8-9 mm. Uncinate process hypertrophy with significant right foraminal stenosis. >>

Same as at C5-6, but narrowing not as severe either of canal or foramen.

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