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Hello everybody. I am so grateful this board exists.

I am currently seeking for a Neurosurgeon in Arizona that would be willing to see me after a 3 level ACDF surgery performed 4 months ago. I am in much worse shape than I was the day after my snowboarding accident. I am doubtful now that the surgery was even medically necessary. I am also suffering symptoms I had not experienced before. After looking at the MRI/CT scan and reports dated just a week before the surgery, the indication is that there was no damage to my discs and spinal cord compression was not visible. The radiology report stated there was no evidence of injury and discs looked normal. I was also asymptomatic. The Neurosurgeon still felt the surgery was necessary. I wish I had had a second opinion prior to the surgery and I am paying dearly for not doing so.

The Neurosurgeon is telling me that all the current the nerve pain I am experiencing is simply the nerves healing however, I never experience this level of nerve pain or even in the same areas. I am experiencing what the Doctor called "reproducible symptoms". I am having to hold my head up at a five degree angle (looking up). Every time I lower my head even to straight line of sight, I experience intense pain to my forearms and hands. If I lower my head further the nerves in my entire upper body go abuzz . After returning my head to the elevated position, my hands and arms stay numb for a number of minutes. Having to hold my head up all the time is killing my back. From all the information I was given and I read, I should have been out of the neck brace by the second month and well into recovery. I am still wearing the neck brace.

In other words, I am miserable and even with all these symptoms, the Neurosurgeon doesn't think anything is wrong. I've had post-op MRI's and I am being told everything looks normal so I have to live in agony or be medicated all the time.

If anyone can please let me know of any Neurosurgeons in AZ that would be willing to see me please let me know.

I thank you so much in advance.

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