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i have had neck problems for about 18 years im now 38 i had a rear end car accident when i was 19 not sure if this is what caused my neck problems or not because i didnt have neckproblems til i was around 25 and they did xrays bck then and said my neck is STRAight instead of curved. it continued to get worse but only neck pain would cause me to not be able to move for days at a time.
i then got tendonitis in both arms, guess its not related to my neck,. and my feet have plantar fasciitis, i also have hand weakness and wrist pain but they dont know why or whats wrong w me so i was diagnosed with buldging discs in my neck and fibromyalgia..a mri in 2011showed c-5-c6 and c6 c7 disc buldging..and my dr said arthritis and referred me to pain management and neurologist, that was in 2011
but i didnt have health insurance so ihave only been going to pain management since then. I recently applied for vocational rehab and they sent me to all these drs and paid for everything and mris bone scans, now shows my disc buldging is pressing on my spinal cord, in 2011 it was NOT that bad..but the neurologist i saw said it was not that bad and referred me to a neurosurgeon..
the neurosurgeon spent 2 minutes with me and said my discs r herniated and need acdf surgery. or it will continue to get worse. but i havebeen researching that surgery and everyhing i can find people only complain of SHOULDER and arm pain and numbess nothing about their NECK and my shoulers or arms arent the problem its only my neck. so can anyone help me i am so confused if vocational rehab will pay for surgery i think i should do it as i am sick of having no life due to my neck..but can it be helped without surgery snce i am not having pain in my arms besides the tendonitis pain or numbness? the surgeon told me the pain in my arms iss not related to the neck problems because it is tendonitis pain he said any kind of pain you get with PRESSING somewhere will not be related tothe discs
. but he said the hand falling asleep and weakness is probably related. i cant write for long or my hand hurts and feels like its falling asleep. but no arm pain or tingling in my shoulders. I am confused and do not know what to do and disability has denied me and also the reconsideration, and i dont know where to go i have a few weeks until im homeless. ic an barely move because of my neck pain when i was working it would be every month then every two weeks where id have a flare up and not be able to move for days. so i had to stop working last july and stupid disability denied me i cant believe it. along with this i have depression and have not had a normal life in 7 years it was work and bed and now worry bed and worry is my day and trying to figure out where im gonna go or what im gonna do it kills me if i sit at my pc for long so i cant even do anything but lay down most of tyhe time. i wrote this on another board and someone told me that this surgery isnt for PAIN that its for mechanics??? who on EARTH would go through this surgery if it isnt going to help the pain??WHY bother then? i am so confused and cant take this pain anymore..this is what my mri said from last month if you can help me read it id appreciate it. or give me opinions. anything woudl help .. thanks
cervical vertebrae showed straightening of the normal curvature which may be positional in the scanner(my mri in 2011 and in 2004 said my neck was straight also by xrays)
at c3-4 patient has mild disc buldging with patent neural foramen and spinal canal.
at c4-5 pt has very minimal disc buldging w patent neural foramen and spinal canal.
at C5-6 pt has a disc protrusion centrally w minimal impingement of spinal cord without significant cord flattening or compression.
at c6-7 has a left posterolateral disc with protrusion with cord impingement and mild flattening of the left side of the spinal cord without significant compression seen at this time. Nerual foramen are patent.
at c7-t1 is normal
mri of cervical spine revealed spondylitic changes maximal at C6-7 where the patient has a disc protrusion eccentric to the left side with mild flattening of the left side of the spinal cord. Clinical correlation is recommended.

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