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Hope I'm on the right board.. Have been having worsening problem with neck for years. Recently, I have had debilitating headaches and constant pain in left shoulder and arm so my internist sent me for an MRI. After seeing the results, he is referring me to pain management for epidural injections. I'd like to understand what is being treated but am having difficulty interpreting this gobbledygook! Can someone shed some light on this PLEASE! I'm also wondering if I should be referred to some sort of spine specialist?
MRI Impressions:
1. Multilevel disc bulges with no high-grade canal stenosis. Mild cord effacement at several levels with a thin layer of CSF is seen posterior to the cord at all levels. There is no change in appearance. (Note: comparison to 2009 prior study-of which I don't remember receiving copy of).
2. Moderate to moderately severe facet arthropathy is seen in the upper cervical spine without subluxation. Facet arthropathy at the C7-T1 level with grade-I antherolisthesis of C7 on T1 which is unchanged.

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