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Re: Osteoarthritis
Jun 15, 2013
thank you for answering me so quickly. im so sorry for what youre going thru. i understand all of it. i really do. when my mother was alive she gave me the same advice you just gave me. today is the 1 year anniversary of her death. she had alzeimers. i do what you said. its reaching a point i cant do heavy cleaning or a lot of the things i used to going for 2 mris on my back and neck july 11. it looks like ill need operation no 3. there. now my lower back gave in and the dr said its degenerated. i have sciatticaa too, i knew that too. its reaching point i can diagnose myself already. i rest a lot. its just not who i was anymore, but i inherited this and i cant change it.i was so active before, but i cant now. the neck has to take priority because the dr said he thinks 1 layer of stenosis is back and it will strengthen my hands. he talks of injections for my back. i had those. they never work. i wont do anything with that unless i really have with humidity its just 1 bad day after another. my husband cries when he sees this pain, but i do my best. its all i can do. maybe 1 day in the future there will be a cure for even arthritis. i hope so, but i also hope youre ok. you take it easy too. you also take 1 day at a time. i hope youll tell me how everything is going with you too.

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