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Re: CT myelogram
Jun 27, 2013
Hi VinG --- I, too, have had a myelogram, followed by a CTScan. It's a very 'telling' exam -- even does better photos than an MRI (or so my doc said). They will explain everything thoroughly to you as to what is going to happen; they will numb the area while you are lying on this table, comfortably covered except for your spine; then they numb the area slightly so you won't feel the needles; the tilt down will be a little on the long side......but they will probably talk to you the entire time and it will hopefully be over before you know it. They will tell you very strongly NOT to raise your head while they roll you over on your back for the CTScan portion of the test. My CT was even in a different hallway -- but I was not uncomfortable in any way. I didn't have pain, nor did I feel the needles. After the scan I was rolled down to a recovery room......where I waited well over 6 hours......just resting and watching TV. The whole experience was LONG more than uncomfortable.....but the important part is to follow their directions---and be willing to keep your head back even with the rest of your body....or that horrible headache will come. You will need to be careful for a few days following as well. The test is so very important -- and will tell your docs the info they need to see. I wish you well with it all.

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