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Jul 30, 2013
I hope everyone is doin better than as to be expected! I myself have been diagnosed with unconvertable [email protected] level causing moderate bilateral foraminal narrowing,and @c4-5 the same unconvertabra degenerative changes causing moderate bilateral neuro foraminal foraminal narrowing. At the c5-6 level is spondylitic disc buldge causing moderate spinal canal stenosis,and unconvertbral degenerative hypertrophy contribute to severe bilateral neural foraminal narrowing,c6-7 very small spondyliticdisc buldge causes no significant spinal canal stenosis,but there is moderate right nueral foraminal narrowing at this level. (There is also straightening of the cervical spine,and reversal of normal lordosis likely due to muscle spasm.There is minimal loss of normal signal intensity in all cervical disc spaces w/minimal disc disease is what i'm having a problem understanding) I am 50 and wanted to get a general idea of how many year's it takes cervical stenosis progress's to time limit as this? Thanx

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