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My situation is a little different from yours as I wasn't involved in an accident. My problem is a result of degeneration of the spine. I had bone spurs and a large disc herniation. My spinal cord was being compressed and I was only given the option of surgery so I went ahead to prevent permanent cord damage.

My range of motion is good. Of course its not all that comfortable right now but I'm sure it will improve. No...I cannot feel the plate/screws. I fortunately didn't have too many swallowing issues....only for the first few days. My throat was very sore and irritated from the breathing tube that they use during surgery. But that only lasts for a couple days.

I do not sleep on a cervical pillow but I did sleep on a wedge pillow for about a week after surgery as its painful to lie flat. Some people sleep in recliners but I didn't have one. The wedge worked just fine for me as I put my regular pillow on top of it and that provided some extra cushioning.

The meds that I was given were Percocet for pain and a muscle relaxer. I have already stopped the Percocet and only take the relaxers at night. I have used ice and heat often and that helps as well. The only real problem I've had from surgery is that I had a large lump (edema) formed under my incision. My doctor's office told me to use hot compresses and this would help dissolve it. I have been doing this at least twice a day and now the swelling is almost gone. I just started using a scar cream which you can purchase at the drug store and also vitamin E oil. This will help to heal smoothly to where its barely noticeable.

I posted about my surgical experience about a week after so if you want to scroll down and read maybe that will help you as well. Thanks for your hugs and healing wishes!!

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