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DH had Chiari Malformation w/Syrinx decompression surgery a year ago. Did great! Until a month ago when a bunch of similar symptoms came rushing back super fast. Nonstop headaches, heaviness in his arms/hands, unsteady gait, at times confusion and loss of word finding, weak, fatigued, etc. MRA/MRV/MRI of head showed no changes. He is being treated for intracranial hypertension though. They did a MRI of the cervical and thoracic spine to check the syrinx before they do the spinal tap to remove some fluid (don't want to be going in and hitting a syrinx!) Syrinx is gone... but the MRI states this:

Throughout the thoracic cord there is a central T2 hyperintensity suggestive
of a prominent central canal or small syrinx. There is no cord expansion or

At the T8-T9 level there is a small central disc protrusion contouring the
ventral cord. Additionally there is a focus of T2 abnormality right of
midline. This is suggestive of a small amount of myelomalacia at this location
rather then a central syrinx.

Remainder thoracic spine unremarkable.

I've read some on Myelomalacia and it does look like it could be caused by that T8/T9 protrusion. But could that be the cause of his symptoms? He has never had a spinal injury of any kind.... just makes no sense. The only thing he has had is a large Syrinx from the T2-T11 last year prior to surgery, but it has since resolved mostly.

Please help us understand this so we can go in to the Neuro doc with some education on it and not be brushed off.... bottom line is he wants to do whatever it takes to get back to "normal"!

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