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Hey Ken, get your head out of that hole and answer my next question! Although losing to the Lions last week and now losing to the Vikings! Ouch!! I don't expect you to show face for a while!! :D

Ready? Ok.. Next question: How would people describe you as a person? I want your good qualities, and most important your bad qualities! I was going to ask you about your most embarrassing moment, but that was already answered in these last 5 weeks, claiming to be a Bears fan!! [img][/img]

Well, its been a week now without the collar, how's things feeling? Are you still wearing your collar to bed? If not, what do you wear to bed?? :p Just kidding! How are your neck muscles adjusting to no collar? It takes awhile. How does it feel to finally get to move your neck again? I did that total torso funky move for awhile! People would ask if I had a stiff neck. I didn't even realize that I was doing it. :)

Well, I got my a$$ up out of bed [img][/img] and ran that 5K race. I dont know how I did it on 2-3 hours sleep but I did. I ran it in 27:27. A 9 min. mile. Not bad about middle of pack in my age group. Good thing is that I did the race and finished. Although running can be a little boring! I say if there is no soccer ball at the end of my feet, and no goal to shoot on what's the point in running!!

We had a soccer game later that day. Played horrible!! Team was a little aggressive. Got knocked down a lot. It was more like dodge ball then soccer. I took a good blow at the end of the game and said that was enough for me! Sub!! Smart move on my part! Then it was off to trick-or-treating with the kids. Needless to say my body is killing me today. I have soccer tonight with the women. It better end in the hot, hot tub!! I know, I know you'll want details! :eek:

Well, I will let you go for now! You have a great day!! ~~ KIM

Ps: Loved your answers to the last question. I was a little worried on how you would take the wet t-shirt story but after hearing about you streaking....... I feel much better now!! :D

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