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I had ACDF surgery Jan 30, 2013. The surgery was suppose to be at C3 C4 with a plate. The last x-ray and MRI (I got a copy of each report) say at the plate was put in at C4 C5 nothing at C3 C4 but the herniated disc no longer shows on MRI. What I would like to know is am I going to have problems because the plate was not installed at the correct spot, do I have to be careful as to what I do in PT and at home. Will this affect me in the future. I have serve left shoulder and neck pain. I was on 6 Norco and 4 skelaxin a day, I am now on 2 Norco and 1 Skelaxin because my rehab Dr wants me off them, he says tuff it out. BS he as no idea what kind of pain I am in but I am following his directions. I am trying not to make this to long but any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. I cant sleep much due to pain in left shoulder in the back, it aches and throbs like a tooth ache. I try to walk as much as I can tolerate. thanks Paul
I have to think there was some mixup, that you never had a problem at C3-4, that the real problem was at C4-5. That's why there's no herniated disk now at C3-4 and the hardware is at C4-5. To me, anyway, that's what seems most likely.

You certainly need to clear this up, though, and not waste time. You need both the original and follow-up MRI films and reports. You can look at the films yourself and see where the herniation was. If you still think the original shows herniation at C3-4, while the follow-up shows hardware at C4-5, then you should get in touch with the radiologist.

After all, if the surgeon really did screw up, that's strong motivation to not be talking to you...

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