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Re: New choices
Mar 4, 2003
Oh Nancy,
How disappointing for you. Although I'm sure it is somewhat of a relief to have your complaints validated. NOthing is worse than having symptoms, and then having to prove you have them and or are not exagaterating.
If the new doc. is willing to do your surgery from an anterior (yea that is a word ;) ) then I would be pretty happy with that. ANy time they do the surgery from the back, you increase healing time, pain and complications also go up. As long as he can widen the foramina from the front and get the job done, and get the pressure off of your nerve, This is definately the way I would go. Most docs avoid the posterior route unless absolutly necessary.
So you are still getting the killer cervie headaches.Have you had any relief from the shots yet?
Do you notice that you can feel the headache coming, you know the increased spasm/pressure at the base of the skull/top of the neck?My wonderful new doc. has explained one of the reasons for these killer headaches. We have been trying something new. When I wake up, I can feel this massive pressure at the top of my neck/base of skull before the headache hits. If I feel that area, it feels like a rock , it is so spasmed. So what we,ve been doing is when i get that feeling, I take 10mg of Valium and my pain med. Then lay down with roll under the neck. And hooray!!! It has been working, that feeling doen't go away, but it doesn't increas to the full blown headache either.
He has put me on 5mg of Valium every eight hours to control the spasms, and it is the best control of the spasms I've had yet. I can increase or take an extra 5 for headache prevention or any other increase in spasm.
The other benefit of the Valium is it has decreased the wild twitches I get whenever I lay down.
I hope you get some relief from these headaches Nancy, and that everything goes well with the new Doc.
Good luck , Mel
ps. are you still suffering from the full ears and head? If so , it can go along with the occipital neuralgia, something to do with occipital nerve irritation and that severe spasming in that area can decrease venous drainage, = increase pressure.

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