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Hi Charlotte!

The tests I'll be having done in Chicago are: EMG and SSEP studies (not real sure what SSEP is); Gait lab study, CT scan of head w/infusion (I don't like the sound of that one); Stealth CT w/infusion (there they go again, with that 'infusion' word!) @T1-T8, T8-L2, L3-S1; MRI of cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine (then she's written,'dedicated lumbar and sacrum to coccyx'); full length scoliosis x-rays; and blood work. Maybe some of my favorite nurses can tell me what to expect with the 'infusion' part!

I HAVE always thought that my head should be scanned though! :)

If you want your (obviously very smart) yorkie to ring the bell, I'd try just playing with her around the bells until she accidently rings them, then let her outside, praise and...well, you know the rest. When my dog first started doing this, it was entirely by accident, we just reinforced that behavior (unwittingly, at first) by letting her out. The boxer I have now has a bad habit of clawing at the door to get in. I'm thinking of putting one of those wireless doorbells outside on the side of the step, hoping she will use that instead and extinguish the old behavior. Who knows? It might work.

Yes, be very careful with your diminished sensation. I'm glad the cut doesn't sound too serious, but I'm sure that it was unsettling. I've cut my foot before too, and didn't realize it until later. What really gives me the 'heebies' is knowing that something should be hurting like the dickens, but it isn't. Do you use a cutting board? You may need to modify your 'kitchen habits' for the time being.

Knowing what you do now about your written report, what do you think is in store for you?

Hope you had a good day (excluding the potato incident!).....Teri
CT scan with infusion and Stealth CT with infusion sounds like it would be the same as we call a CT scan with contrast (dye). All that means is they would start an IV in your hand/arm and give you dye so they can see better. They may just say it differently than we do. I don't know what stealth means. If i find out I'll let you know. Wow they sure have a bunch of test scheduled for you.

I have another neuro doc appt. It is tomorrow at 11:45
I really have lost all confidence in this doc but I am going to see what he has to say. I'll let you know how that goes.

Hey, I didn't think about getting my door facing all scratched. Maybe I'll just start with the doorbell. :D

I hate it for Mel and her online friend.
Hope your having a good day

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