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Hi Mel,

I tried posting a reply yesterday, but it would not go through. I hope it does this time.

I was so sorry to hear about your online friend, but at the same time, very scared.

Several months ago, while I was desperately trying to find someone in my situation (Miami JTO 24/7), I decided to create a chat room while on with my regular ISP. (I donít know if I am permitted to mention the name of the provider.) I called the room ďneck surgeryĒ and just sat around, hoping someone would come in. Eventually, someone did, and we started to chat. Unfortunately, she didnít share my problems, but she had plenty of her own, and she was facing the prospect of cervical spinal surgery.

Anyway, we became online friends, communicating mostly via e-mail, but often through IM. It seemed as if she was always online!!! (My buddy list almost always showed her name!) Eventually, she did have her surgery. She seemed to be doing okay, and she even returned to work. I was so happy for her, as she had really missed her job.

One day, we had an IM chat, and she told me that she was going to e-mail me a picture. I told her that I couldnít wait to get it. But I didnít get it. And then I realized that I hadnít seen her online in several days. I thought at first that she was just busy with work and with getting back into a routine. But then weeks went by without my seeing her online. I e-mailed her in early February, telling her that I was worried about her. No response. About two weeks later, I checked the status of my mail and found out that it had not been read yet! I e-mailed her again. Same thing!! She seems to have completely disappeared!

Iíve been hoping that maybe her computer crashed or that she has just been too busy and/or too tired to get online, but Iíve really been worried, and my bad feelings have gotten worse. And now that Iíve seen your post, Iím even more worried. Mel, can you please tell me your friendís name? I know it would be an incredible coincidence if these people are one and the same, but one never knows!

Changing the subject, I just want to say that I hope you are well.

Thanks so much, and please take care.


Anterior Cervical Corpectomy/Diskectomy); own bone from left iliac crest; titanium plate with 4 screws. Freed myself of Evil Miami JTO (not just J) killer contraption against surgeon's orders (and happy I did it!!!!)
Rebellion worked--I'm free with the surgeon's blessing now! YIPPEE!!

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