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Hi Franjo,
thanks for responding. Well being a good nurse, who worked independently out in the community i have alot of supplies and testing materials here at home. So of course the first thing i did was a dip on my urine for infection. It was clear, no white cells, etc. I have had this problem off and on, it seems to coincide with increase of other symptoms. Neuro has told me it is common with the myelopathy at high level to have this urgency and frequency. So I guess I'll just have to deal with itb but it does drive me nuts.
One thing on the positive side, I used to wake up and have that awful pressure/pain and brutal spasms on the right upper neck and base of my skull. When I woke up with that , i would develope the brutal cervie headache. It usually left me unable to move for 1-2 days, no relief from pain meds. The Valium script from Chicago is working, when I get that feeling I take 10mg of Valium right away with an extra Morphine IR, and voila, The headache doesnt progress. Of course i'm a blob for the day, but not a blob in horrible pain. The feeling doesnt go away, it just doesnt increase. That is such a relief!
I'm sorry that you are having a pain increase, and your right about the meds. Help with the pain,but leave you not yourself. And for me barely functional.I dont find either way acceptable.
I have also had no paperwork from Chicago, and I wish it would hurry up and get here so I can start fighting for funding approval. I am like you and sick of living in limbo, with the proverbial axe hanging over my head. Sounds like your little man has the right idea, demand action and answers , funny , we all want that, but we grow up and become socially programmed into not voicing our demands so easily. God bless his little heart!
I can have a much more comfortable day, as long as i lay flat for most of it. Which like you I am getting a little sick of.
Have a good day, and I'll talk to you later.
Love mel
ps. I'm glad Charlotte finally got her myelogram results.Maybe she should go to Chicago! ;)

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