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Hello Teri and all
I hope you guys are having a good day. I'm having trouble concentrating but I will try to tell you what I found out today at the docs.
I am totally confused. The first neuro doc I went to in Dec said there was nothing he could do for me because my neck/shoulder pain was worse than my arm pain. From his experience surgery would only help the arm pain. Fast forward to present doc - Currently my arms and legs are much worse than my neck. I had about 5 days that I didn't take any pain pills but I didn't use my arms much at all during that period. Two days ago, I cut 8 potatoes into cubes for potato
soup and have been on round the clock pain meds ever since. It even hurts to type. My right arm has always been the worst. No one seems to be able to figure out why my right arm hurts so bad since mri and myelogram show most symptoms should be on the left.
Anyway this doc says that surgery would only help me if I was experiencing more neck pain than arm pain. He put me back on neurontin until return visit in 2 weeks. At that time he will consider surgery but is afraid that since most of my pain is in my arms that surgery won't help. These two docs are saying the complete opposite.
I am throughly confused. Plus, everytime they put off surgery I leave balling like a baby. This is driving me nutz. He states I have osteophytes and spondylosis.
Any thoughts woould be appreciated.
Teri, I plan on going back for 2 week visit. If I leave unsatisfied then I will retrieve my xrays. I would like to send them to Chicago for evaluation. Can you give me the info. Also do they want the xray reports, xrays, or both?
Where is Mel? She hasn't posted in a while and I'm worried. She may just need a break. I can understand.
Sorry to ramble so long but it just seems like I am always left in limbo. You all know the feeling and it stinks..........

ps. My son is 23, still in college (full time at present), works at Applebees and plays in a band called Floord. He seems to be enjoying life.
Debbie, bless you. If I had four kids in that age group I would already be nutz. Just when I think my son is finally getting it together, He usually delivers me a big surprise like .....classes? you mean you have to go to class in order to get credit. (the past 5 or 6 months have been pretty smooth on that end. I guess I should knock on wood.)

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