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Re: 20 questions
Mar 21, 2003
I'm just really the first for everything here today... especially Connie's home coming :D

Question one, and honestly be firm if you can and if you have my disorder. I hate needles, and with all honesty I have posted this before. The iv and the needle to me is worse than the surgery. I would demand they numb the area they are going to put the IV in. In my case the needle is bigger than ususal because they have to have a larger needle for this type of surgery. I am and was a cry baby, which is why you see I cry at so many posts here. I yelled out loud and asked for a different nurse. The one I had was relatively new and when she had trouble and I asked if she had done this before? Her reply was "yep, a few times". I just very nicely said, I'm a screamer you better get someone else. She laughed and did.

Secondly, I had my hubby spending the night and this is a funny story. I was starving when I woke up and wanted coffee really bad. I ate fruit cocktail, jello, pudding, soup... anything I could get my hands on. When I fell asleep that night I woke up and had to go potty... urgently. I buzzed the nurse and she helped me and it went just fine. That was just maybe four hours after being in my room. My head felt heavy and I had trouble sitting up and needed help. So that was good.
Then I woke again, maybe around 4 hours later... I had been drinking by the gallon when I woke up, because usually I don't wake up in the night to use the bathroom. I buzzed the nurse and she said she'd be right in, well let me tell you it was not fast enough.
I woke up hubby and said "honey, I have to use the bathroom". He picked his head up some and said "okay honey, be careful". Well I started laughing and it hurt to laugh, not to mention I didn't want to have an accident. So I sat up, went to the bathroom with my iv pole and all. The nurse didn't even yell at me when she got back in. That was maybe 10 hours after I got up in recovery. So, all that for the simple answer ... nope, not a problem for me to use the bathroom. Sorry got long winded.

ACDF fusion (c5c6) with titanium plate and screws using donor bone -
September 4, 2002.

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