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Re: Myleoram
Mar 29, 2003
Hey There, :wave: I just had a myelogram Friday morning. Drink plenty of water the day before your procedure and hydrate yourself well.

The doctor cleaned and numbed up the area that he wanted to work on which was my lower back. The injections felt like two bee stings then the area was numb. I felt a sight bit of pressure when he was placing the needle to inject the dye and when he was removing the needle. Since the area he wanted to see was my neck, they tilted the table head down so they dye would flow to that area.

I did get a headache immediately after the procedure, but I asked for something and it subsided. I went to a short stay unit for observation (2 hours) and ate a bit of lunch and I did get sick on the way home. (That's just me. I think I'm just very sensitive to narcotics and shouldn't be eating after my procedures)

Lay down when you get home, stay off your feet and drink plenty of caffeine or water to flush your system to get the contrast medium out.

Do a web search about the procedure. Take care and good luck. J

C3-C6 straightening of normal cervical curvature.
C2-T1 mild central spondylosis without significant stenosis.
C3-C4 broad-based spondylosis and bulging with mild to moderate flattening of the anterior epidural space.
C4-C5 broad-based spondylosis and bulging eccentric to the left with mild to moderate compression upon the anterior epidural space.
C5-C6 spondylosis with a broad-based protrusion with moderate compression of the anterior epidural space.
C6-C7 mild central spondylosis and a small midline protrusion with minimal flattening of the anterior epidural space.

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